What: Ride-sharing platform; drive people and deliver food to their respective destinations

Expected pay: $5 to $20/hour

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: 21 years or older; Smart phone; valid driver’s license; Auto insurance; 4-door car, model years 2001 and after; pass a background check



  • Flexible


  • The site is relentless about updating its terms
  • Pay formula varies by market
  • Pay for your own gas, mileage, car maintenance, and insurance

What Their Drivers Say: (From Indeed)

Driving is my passion. This job allows me do what my heart feels like. My typical day would start at 6 am at finish at 6pm. As I said schedules were flexible. I can work whenever I feel like.

Pros: flexilbe schedule

Cons: long hours

Uber deliver was a good temporary job. Because of where I live it cost a lot of money in gas so I some times am reluctant to work as it seems it might be a bit more trouble.

Not a good fulltime job as you are using your own vehicle and put a lot of miles and wear and tear on your vehicle It is an excellent source for extra money Uber eats is a good gig dealimg with people can be tricky you have to know how to get the most out of what you are doing in order to make this profitable

Pros: Wotk when you want

Cons: Wear and tear on your car unappreciative riders

(From Glassdoor)

I worked at Uber for more than a year


Earn extra income on free time


must work nights & weekends

I have been working at Uber part-time for more than a year


Fast and easy way to make a few bucks. Perfect for a stay at home parents. Its easy to do.


It takes you to neighborhoods that are sometimes dangerous to drive to deliver.

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