What: An American online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students with millions of customers

Expected pay: Speculative

Commissions & fees: 3% to 75%

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: A computer; quality iPhone or other video equipment to record your classes; a decent computer, internet connection, and editing skills



  • The site has about 17 million customers
  • You can teach an array of classes; if you have a passion and think you can teach it, you may find someone interested in paying for your class
  • Classes range from computer coding to organization
  • Set your own price/class


  • You create a sample video for the site to evaluate for quality and production essentials
  • If accepted, you create your class, upload, and price it for sale


  • Sliding pay scale based on how the buyer accessed the site
    • 97% of the revenue from the sale goes to you if you brought your own buyer
    • If Udemy brought the buyer, you get 50% of the sale
    • You only get to keep 25% of the sale if the buyer accessed the class through one of Udemy’s affiliate marketing deals
  • Most classes sell for $10 because of running promotions that discount their courses
  • There have been claims that the site steals course materials from providers and is not held responsible for the protection of the provider’s intellectual property

Other sites to offer a course are Teachable and Thinkific. If you’d like to teach online via live Zoom connection, check out Outschool.

What Their Teachers Say: (From Glassdoor)

I have been working at Udemy


The passive income is nice. good sales going on


not consistent pay over the year

I have been working at Udemy for more than a year


passive income, many connections. Job satisfaction and good opportunities


no job security and no guarantee of income. One bad rating can be devastating.

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