What: Online platform and mobile app for restaurant pickup & delivery; mostly operating in Southern U.S.

Expected pay: $5 to $15/hour

Where: Birmingham, Hoover, Mobile, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas; Pensacola, Florida; Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, New Orleans, and Shreveport, Louisiana; Gulf Port, Mississippi; Beaumont, Houston, Longview, Tyler, and Waco, Texas

Requirements: Valid driver’s license; reliable car; clean driving record; pass background screening; valid insurance; smartphone



  • Only work hours you want


  • operates primarily in the Southern U.S.
  • No gas/mileage allowance

Other driving and delivery jobs: Amazon Flex (deliver packages), Wingz (drive people to the airport) and Ride Zum (drive kids to soccer/school). 

What Users Say: (From Indeed

Sometimes work would be very easy going and chill but other times it was a mad-dash to try and deliver all the food. The company pays not very well with only $5 an hour and no reimbursement of gas/damages while working. I did not hate working there but the amount of times I was having to pick up 3 different deliveries from 3 different sides of town really stressed a lot of us out when order would be close to an hour late. Which is hard when you are literally living off of tips. I guess you would say that when it was easy/normal it was a good time. However, on a Friday night while you’re understaffed and you’re being assigned late orders while you have 2 to deliver, get ready to scream until you lose your voice while sitting in a parking lot.

Pros: Flexible, decent tips

Cons: staying late, understaffed, nearly no benefits

First, the company doesn’t pay their employees well at all. Imagine waiting for an order at the restaurant for 15-20 minutes, then having the commute take 20+ minutes ( especially if you don’t know the area) and get 5 DOLLARS. And that pay is for most orders. Secondly, the system is changing and updating every five days because there is some type of glitch. This means your PAY IS CHANGING ALL THE TIME. Another problem is that customer service isn’t helpful at all for the driver or customer. They never give the customer correct delivery time on orders, notify the customer that their delivery switched to a new driver ( hence why most customers have their orders ” late”) or explain to customers that we had 2-3 orders on us that are 10- 15 minutes apart from each other. Lastly ( only pertaining to the area I worked in) the Managers and drivers were so unprofessional, rude, and messy. Since the switch to contract driving, managers were always in the driver’s personal business. Managers were always on the Company’s local chat messaging drivers about other drivers business instead of worrying about the CUSTOMER problems. The reason I left is because I felt bad for the customers and I was tired of being ” surveillanced” in my own car.

Pros: Always moving. Can be very busy.

Cons: Paid under minimum wage, managers are messy

Great job and flexible hours. Independence and respectful. Always encouraging and helpful. Everyone is nice and management provides professional atmosphere

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