What: WeGoLook pays freelancers to inspect cars, motorcycles, watercraft, real estate and businesses for insurers, banks and investors. 

Expected pay: $15 – $30/“look”

Commissions & fees: $15 for a background check

Where: Nationwide, as well as in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom

Requirements: Be over the age of 18; willing and able to dress conservatively; submit to a criminal background check; have a smartphone with a working camera; Licensed drone pilots; Registered notaries; Licensed adjusters and CAT adjusters; ASE certified mechanics



  • Looks typically take between 15- to 30-minutes
  • No obligation to accept jobs: you’ll see “Looks” matched to your location and skills
  • Favorable to U.S. military veterans and spouses
  • The freelancer is presented with a “look” – detailing pay, where you have to go, and what’s involved BEFORE accepting
    • You are expected to complete the assignment within 24 hours. This involves driving to the site, taking multiple photographs, and reporting all pertinent details
  • Variety of “looks”


  • Often asked to drive large distances; gas and mileage is your responsibility
  • Not consistent work

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

Working as a ‘Looker’ (as they call it) was done from home, where you monitor a mobile app for jobs and race other Lookers to accept. Once a Look is accepted, you either get an appointment time assigned or you can call the customer to schedule an appointment.

Once an appointment is scheduled, the Looker travels their personal vehicle to the location/meeting site and performs the job using the aforementioned mobile app. The jobs are all virtually the same thing, in that you follow along with the app taking photos and providing descriptions (vehicles, signage, landmarks, etc.).

Each ‘Look’ is assigned a monetary value, based on what the customer is looking for, and the pay rate is based off of that; regardless of how much time it takes to complete or how much travel time is involved.

Since I was a remote/work from home employee, I didn’t get a perception (positive or negative) regarding the management, company culture, or anything of that nature.

Pros: Work from home, pick appointment times

Cons: extremely low pay per job, not enough Looks to go around

Not worth supplying..Tried twice to coordinate short visit at company operational headquarters in OKC. Was informed that even with a escort, Lookers were not allowed to enter or even visit with their company contacts.

The work does require skill and a lot of general knowledge that you receive NO BENEFITS… If you have to travel more that 25 miles for any assignment there is no addition pay relative to cost. Gas is low so no big deal. If you use a relatively new vehicle then the pay will not pay the depreciation due to high milage.

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