What: Peer-to-peer transportation network company providing private, scheduled, and fixed-price rides in 30 major cities across the United States

Expected pay: $25 or more/ride

Where: California, Texas, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland

Requirements: Be at least 21 years of age; Possess a valid driver’s license; Have auto insurance that covers both you and your car and that has no exclusions for driving people for pay; Have a car, five years old or younger; Pass DMV and background screening; Have a smartphone



  • Provides business cards (to establish a regular customer base)
  • Most are one-way trips
  • The site focuses on pre-arranged rides and pre-set appointments
  • If you happen to live near one of the many airports that Wingz services, this could be a bit of extra spending money


  • Extensive vetting process than traditional rideshare services, only 5% of drivers accepted into the program
  • All vehicles must have been manufactured in the last five years

What Consumers Say: (From Apple App Store)

Do NOT download this app. We loved our first ride. Scheduling a ride at our busy airport (SEA) was so convenient and we had no wait time. The vehicle was nice, they were early and waited for us to get bags. I literally planned on using this service for every airport ride (about 4 times per month). Over 6 months we have only been able to schedule a ride twice, with countless of attempts because it was initially so great. Today was the last straw and is resulting in this review. We schedule a car to the airport 4 days ago, we schedule our ride an our from now and just heard they couldn’t obtain a driver. Deleting app now. Don’t waste your time.

Wingz is a great rideshare company. The best of Uber/Lyft and convenience of traditional taxi. I especially like the scheduling aspect of this. I have been able to arrange to have a car waiting 5 days ahead of time and even 2 hours ahead. This way I am not the one waiting but the driver is. This is a vast improvement in customer service. I got so tired of waiting for an Uber or Lyft driver to show up that I went back to flagging taxis. Where Wingz is available it has become my preferred ride.

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