What: Mission-driven company empowering experienced educators and child care providers to run and manage their own in-home business

Expected pay: $500-$2,000/child/month

Commissions & fees: 10%

Where: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, San Mateo and New York

Requirements: Be of legal age; background check; have the time and location to start a pre-school; be willing and able to become licensed and certified in early childhood education or daycare



  • Helps you set up or manage your own daycare business 
  • The site helps you set up a new program (leading you through licensing, certification, administration, and marketing)
  • The site offers monthly billing and scheduling services via the Wonderschool website and answering service
  • No prior experience to start (site suggests that you get the necessary licenses and certifications to get going)
  • Wonderschool only gets paid if you get paid, taking 10% of your revenue
  • Indeed.com estimates average Wonderschool teacher earns more than $67,000

More Information

If you’re thinking about starting, Wonderschool’s 10-minute “just dreaming” quiz finds areas where you may need help. The site claims they coach you through the process, helping you set up social media accounts and a website.

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