What: On-demand staffing platform that connects job seekers and businesses looking to fill their labor needs; helps find qualified workers for a variety of frontline jobs

Expected pay: Minimum wage or above

Where: Nationwide

Commissions & fees: None to worker; 45% to employer

Requirements: Smart phone; criminal background check, as well as any other background screenings required by a Wonolo employer.



  • Offers entry-level work in retail, warehouses, event staffing, and administration
  • Free to sign up
  • Get sent daily postings of available jobs and commit to the ones that fit into your schedule
  • The better your ratings (and the more jobs you accept) the more likely you are to get additional work
  • Employers rate your performance at the end of a shift
  • Pay is sent to the worker within two days of completing the work
  • Most jobs do not require a lot of experience


  • The jobs are mostly entry-level and not highly paid
  • The site has very little customer support for workers; if you have a problem with payment or with the app, you may not get any help
  • Employer reviews have a big impact on the work you get; bad reviews make you less desirable and possibly prevent you from getting ANY jobs
  • If you cancel a shift with less than 12 hours notice the site will penalize you by lowering your worker rating
  • You might be held responsible for “rush fees” or other costs to the employer when you don’t show up for a shift
  • Companies can cancel shifts with little notice, and they are not penalized

The site encourages employers to pick their “preferred Wonolers,” meaning workers and employers that like each other can build a long-term relationship. If a Wonolo client hires a Wonolo worker, the client pays the platform a one-time $600 fee. Workers get $100 or so if they agree to take the position. 

Other options to consider in food service and general labor: Shiftgig and, if you have skills as a handyman or landscaper, JiffyOnDemand.

What Users Say: (From Indeed)

Wonolo is a stepping stone job for those that need to make a quick buck, that is when Wonolo decides to pay you on time. Wonolo has a breach of contract policy that gives the requester(manager) the power to rate you from 1 star to 5 stars. If you get anything lower than a 3 star due to performance or simply because your manager is a miserable person , your jobs are cancelled. Employee is always wrong!

I enjoy the flexibility with this job however if you have concerns. They have no human phone interaction. You can only send an email to support. This is sometimes frustrating when you have a genuine concern that may need immediate attention. Let’s talk about the referral program: Almost non existent. So you refer ppl where you both get 25.00 if they have a 5 rating. however they won’t acknowledge that via text once the app is downloaded, there’s no place for the person who referred’s name. I have went bsck several times about this issue to no avail. The employers can send you home and dismiss you early snd then turn around and adjust the pay. Which in their policy it clearly says, you are to be paid in full. Especially if it is no fault of your own. They ha e some okay jobs, mostly warehouse where i live. I wish it had a variety of skill sets to apply for. Its a cool app however it still needs a bit more tweaking to be a bit more user friendly for some. Especially older applicants.

If you don’t have a job and need money wonolo is a company to join it offer flexible work & days with times you can pick that fits rite into ur schedule.

It was a okay place to work at I worked at the same place everyday the only cons was that sometimes the employer request more hours and those hours aren’t Reflected in your pay reflecte

Pros: Pay was basic

Cons: Sometimes your not paid for hours you work until weeks later

(From Yelp)

I worked a job on 7.28.2019 for LSG SKY CHEF I accepted the job and worked it before my background check came back. I worked and still to this day haven’t been paid. I was working with Margie however she’s still replying to my emails I’ve been reaching out everyday to the support team and no one has replied. I’ve reached out to thee COO AJ Brunstein and hasn’t received any reply back .I’m just trying to get paid

I WAS happy with Wonolo until 2 days ago. I had 2 scheduled back-2-back shifts, one got cancelled due to low volume. I called the company (I’ve worked with them before) and asked if they still wanted me to come in. They scheduler said no, I was cancelled. I told him I would check and call him back. I checked and called him back- I was still on for one shift. He said don’t come in. I didn’t. Then I get marked as a no-show. My 5.0 rating for 44 Jobs is now a 4.35 rating … BECAUSE OF ONE ERROR THAT WASN’T MY FAULT!!! I sent them a message, they emailed back they would forgive me THIS ONE TIME, but I should have gone in. I live 80 miles away. It wouldn’t make sense for me to drive 80 miles for one shift, $80. I spend $30 to commute. Then I spend $20 for gas delivering & $5 bridge toll. I emailed back, asked them to fix it. They didn’t. They probably won’t. In my book, that’s worth 1 Star, but only because zero stars isn’t an option. They also haven’t paid me my $100 bonus for getting hired as a regular employee by one of their companies… I’ve been hired since July 2017 and applied for the bonus 8 times since January 2018, you guessed it- no bonus. They can’t verify my employment… hmmmmm? They can’t fix a clerical error & they can’t verify employment for a company they work with ??? Really? All I can say is if you’re going to work with Wonolo- keep your eye on your own paperwork, make sure you get paid for your shifts you work AND if you run into a situation where there’s any room for doubt- DON’T EXPECT WONOLO TO TAKE CARE OF THE WORKER, they just can’t be bothered.

One last note… you have 12 hours or more before your shift to cancel, and can only do this 2x in a month or you get your account put on probation. Companies can cancel you within 3 hours or more before your shift and apparently they can do it as many times as they want in a month and it’s ok. I’ve been cancelled 6 times this month- and friends have been cancelled too- low volume… just so you know before you get to counting on a shift and then find out you’re cancelled last-minute

And now 11 months later they post a reply with a link / address that just gets an error message…
I haven’t used the Wonolo app in 11 months & I do still see the job postings, but they’re few & far between and most are just irrelevant.

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