What: A site marketed towards divorced individuals and jilted brides to sell their engagement and wedding rings, gems, jewelry and watches

Expected pay: NA

Commissions & Fees: Fees are on a sliding scale; flat $150 for items that sell for $750 or less; 20% of the sales price for items that sell for up to $5,000; the commissions drop to 5% for more expensive items.  Full commission schedule here

Where: Nationwide

Requirements: Jewelry to sell



  • Many of the buyers seem to be jewelers and jewelry designers
  • Pays for shipping and insurance on the jewelry
  • Responsive


  • The site consistently asks if stones can be removed from the jewelry to be appraised, but will not reset the stones (the settings are typically destroyed when removing the stone)
  • Most who have used the site either love or hate it
  • You set a minimum price you’re willing to accept

Check with a few local jewelers before sending an item in; many provide similar services at roughly the same cost. Amazon is also a good place to sell expensive jewelry.

What Users Say: (From the Better Business Bureau)

Worthy makes the process fast and easy to use for its sellers. Kendall, in particular, was great to work with! He was incredibly helpful as a well informed member of their team. Your jewelry will probably not go for as high as it could trying to sell to local jewelers. But the ease of their system, quick turnaround time, and hassle-free process was well worth having Worthy do the work for me.

My plans changed with my girlfriend and we decided to go in a more non-traditional direction than marriage. I had already purchased a ring and it was sitting in a drawer. I decided to sell the ring on the Worthy website and the experience was very easy and the ring sold for a fair price. Much better than what I could get on my own. Worthy took care of everything from initial shipment, to GIA grading, HD photography, and the auction itself. The ring sold and I received direct deposit payment within two days from the sale. Excellent experience!

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